David Johnson





David Johnson is an internationally published photographer based in Chicago, Illinois.

"If you told me as a national level sprinter that I would one day "slow down" and find the beauty in a still photograph, I'm not sure I would have believed you, but that's exactly what happened. In my youth as a volunteer mentor oversees, I brought a camera to my eye and started seeing the world differently. I discovered how authentic stories translated into powerful narratives with imagery that captivated long past "the moment."

That influence developed into visual storytelling in both stills and video. My work focuses on the people and processes that define a company's mission and vision and captures the life and growth in a way that communicates its personality and authenticity. I've been fortunate to travel to East Africa, Central America, Asia, India, and Eastern Europe for a variety of clients, and work on campaigns such as the award-winning global re-branding for Motorola Solutions that appeared in Times Square, Microsoft, Google, and other national and international forums.

Fascinated by the world around me, I still do extensive work with several non-profit and international aid organizations, helping to raise funds for under-resourced communities in the developing world. Additionally, I founded my own non-profit, True Chicago, to educate, energize, and expand the arts for black and brown youth, sprinting towards new goals for myself and others."


Clients Include:

Google, Microsoft, ESPN, Brooks Running, National Geographic, Mazda, National Alzheimer's Association, Motorola Solutions, YMCA International, Morgan Stanley