Andy Glass is renowned as one of the world’s leading talents who can seamlessly blend photography, digital enhancement, and CGI elements. 

According to Andy, "CGI is an integral part of the image maker’s tool kit and as a photographer, I am always looking to use whatever tools are in the bag to create the most photo realistic image possible.

If it exists, and is available, then let’s photograph it for real. If not let’s create it in CGI and make it look photographic. CGI can be a technical and linear process. The ability to integrate CGI elements into a real-life photographic environment is the challenge, and key to creating iconic imagery.

Agencies appreciate the value of hiring a CGI director to oversee their campaigns, someone who has photographic experience and lighting knowledge to aid with the integration and composition of CGI material, particularly when it needs to exist in a photographic scene.

Successful integration of CGI into photography involves careful pre-visualization, shoot planning, and photographic execution. When a CGI Director oversees this integration we can create images that look beautiful and real."