Nick Hall: Nespresso
Nick Hall’s Dream Assignment, to travel all over the world documenting coffee farmers and flying drones over epic landscapes.. What could be more thrilling? But it wasn’t all dreamy, according to Nick:
"In order to get the specific drone landscape shot in Mexico we had to drive six hours to a rural airport, jump in a little cessna plane for 3 hours and then drive another 3 hours in to the jungle. We hadn't had time to scout the location due to last minute changes to our schedule. We arrived with a few hours of sunlight left, quickly scouted with the drone and rummaged around on google maps on our phones. We were still miles from the part of the river we needed for our shot and there were no obvious roads to get us there. Determined to find our location on the river we drove into the hills, down dirt tracks and past remote villages. Around 11pm, in the pitch black we dead-ended at the bottom of a steep dirt road, unsuccessful and spent. As we contemplated our options a local man, Roberto, literally popped out of the jungle and, in Spanish, asked us what we were up to. We explained our predicament and showed him some maps of where we were trying to get to. He said he knows the exact spot and has a canoe to take us. We arranged to come back the following day before dawn, the tide of our luck had turned. The next morning was like a fairytale. We drifted silently down river in Roberto's canoe. Mist hung in the river valley, flocks of white egrets flew over head and monkeys heckled us from the tree tops. The sun came out and we got our drone shots."